Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thai in our pad!

Excuse the terribly unpunny title, but I'm so pleased with what we had last night! Since introducing boyfriend to the deliciously sweet, sour, salty, spicy pad thai a few months ago, he's loved it and we wanted to try making it ourselves. Yesterday we finally did and boy, did it exceed my expectations. We're still useless at cooking rice noodles, but at least this time it turned out way, way better than the congealed blob from last time. It was mighty tasty!

The little eggs on the right are quail eggs, which we picked up from the oriental mart while we were there. Tasty, but not as good as I remembered from my childhood, sadly. Boyfriend didn't care for them, so I ate his. Why so many limes? It's the final garnish that's absolutely crucial. It just really pulls all the flavors together, granted one slice or two at the most was enough.

I wish I had spent more time cooking up the shrimp separately and just adding them to the top after it was done, I'd like to get a bit more color to them..

But all in all, I'm just picking at bones now. It was delicious!

Lunch was simple but good. I had my favorite summertime salad, which just consists of sliced cucumbers and italian dressing to dip. Couldn't get any easier and I enjoy much more than any salad with lettuce. Very fresh and summery and it gets a bright burst of acid from the dressing. Yuuuum!

Also had some leftover chicken with rice. From the top, there's two pieces of cumin/cayenne chicken, then one piece of boyfriend's teriyaki-style chicken. Both absolutely delicious and tender and savory. They don't look as great as they did fresh, but the flavors are even better!

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