Monday, July 26, 2010

Mmm...lunch, Part 2

So that rotisserie chicken I had made into a chicken salad lunch? The rest of it got recycled last week into chicken and dumplings. Here's what I did.

First I took all the meat remaining from the bones and set it to boiling in a pot of water for an hour or so to make my own chicken-flavored-water or broth or stock, or whatever it'd be classified under.

In another pot, I sweated down some red onion, celery, and carrots for flavoring and added the chicken meat. To that, I added most of the chicken-flavored-water-broth and seasonings to make a rudimentary chicken soup. The excess chicken-flavored-water-broth, I froze individually for later use. The boiled down chicken carcass was finally discarded.

Once the soup came to a boil, I tried a couple different dumpling recipes. First I tried a rolled out one that used butter, milk and baking soda, but it was a little light for my taste. I prefer big, doughy drop dumplings, so I ditched the extra stuff and just mixed up some flour and water. and dropped it in big spoonfuls into the boiling soup. These came out more like I wanted. I didn't add salt because I hoped they'd pick up some of the soup, which came out too salty despite cupfuls of water added to try to dilute the salt. Oops..

All in all, it came out okay, tasty and doughy, which was just what I wanted. Although there are a couple points I'd like to troubleshoot, mainly how to make a better chicken broth or stock from scratch. I don't think I should have left the skin on the chicken, because the broth came out with lots of fat, yuck. And I'm not sure if I want to boil the veggies with the stock or just leave it plain chicken. Lastly, I need a way to save this, if at all possible. One batch makes too much for one lunch and when I tried to save it and reheat it, it came out a very lumpy, thick mess, not delectable...

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