Friday, July 23, 2010

Easy mac and Beijing duck

Yesterday's dinner was about as uneventful as you can get. Boyfriend came home craving cucumber salad (yay, he's starting to crave veggies!!) and lucky for him, I had started some marinading earlier in the day, so he promptly divided it up, smothered his in sour cream, and got to munching. I prefer mine without sour cream, but the new touches I'd tried, namely adding crushed red pepper flakes and slices of red onion, left it a bit strong. Or maybe it's the new rice vinegar we got. I didn't end up finishing it, but it did make me crave something savory and dinner-y, so we mixed up some easy mac which was way too yummy for its own good, and that ended up being dinner.

Through the rest of the night, we snacked a little more on peaches (me), ice cream (the bf...and me), and kiwi (both!). I deviated from my usual mint chocolate chip to get this coffee ice cream with chocolate swirling and espresso chips. I've decided I really dislike swirls..they're just way too sweet for my taste. But the espresso chips were rich and dark and crunchy and absolutely tasty. Yuuuuum~

I hope tonight's dinner will be something a little more interesting, though. We've had a couple rough nights in a row with the terrible "chinese-style" rice noodles and easy mac. Nothing against easy mac, I love it, but it's oh so simple and I've been inspired to make something tastier! Probably partially by all the tasty food my little sister's having. She just started on a two-week trip to China and I'm unbelievably jealous! She mentioned in an e-mail yesterday duck (which she said was her favorite, BIG SURPRISE! Although it is a surprise to my Chinese-food-disliking sister, but not a surprise to anyone who's had Beijing duck before) and eggplant (I'm sure the oh so tasty szechuan variety, all garlicky and dark). Man, I'm jealous..

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